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Main services :
• Formulte a strategic plan for IT which inline with the Strategic Business Plan
• Designing Mission Critical Data Center and DRC
• Assessment and Infrastructure IT Planning
• Application Design and Architecture Planning
• IT Project Management
• System Development Life Cycle and Change Management
• Data Warehouse Implementation
• Hardware and Software Providers

CTO engaged in information technology consultancy, providing services in the field of Information Technology Training and provide better Information Technology Outsourcing Services in the field of Hardware, Software and Human Resources

•  Information Technology Consulting

In a company, Information Technology is helping their Business Strategies to achieve their goals; IT also can be used to help Management in making a decision. Moreover, IT can help the company to improve its services for the customer and also improve  company efficiencies.
From these purposes, our team wants to provide consultation service which can give additional value for the company, such as:

1. Formulate IT Strategic Plan that support Company Strategic Plan
2. Formulate IT Disaster Recovery Plan
3. Formulate IT Security Policy
4. Formulate Change Management Procedure
5. Conduct Assessment of companies including Network Infrastructure Data Communication, Data Center, and Security Systems applied. This assessment will review the existing capacity and capacity planning in order to support the Business Strategy
6. Formulate System Development Life Cycle and Change Management Procedures and Policies
7. Helping Client to apply Good IT Project Management and Project Governance
8. Formulate and Design Application Architecture

•  Information Technology Training

CTO provides training services to both prospective employees and employees so that the employees can contribute to the company hence the result can be maximal.
Training Course Provided:

1. System Development Life Cycle,
2. IT Project Management
3. Banking Products and Operations Procedures
4. RPG Language Programming
5. Preparation for CCNA Certification
6. Effective Supervisory Skill

•  Outsourcing Information Technology

CTO provides Outsourcing service for professional IT in Software Developer or Network Engineer. In order to help companies which do not want to invest in any Hardware and Software to avoid Capital Expenditures, CTO help the companies to provide Hardware and Software needed including its maintenance as an Operational Expenditure,  the companies can avoid having excessive permanent employees, this will make the company more focus to the core business. Moreover, company will get the service as a promised Service Level, and in the end the companies can give better services to their customers.

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