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Our Partners

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1. PT Packet Systems Indonesia – CISCO Products
2. PT Elektrodata Sistem Integrasi – ALCATEL Products, ELTECH (IP PBX), CCTV
3. PT Selindo Alpha – AVAYA Products
4. IT Comm – Distributor Panasonic Products
5. PT Master System – Hewlett Packard Products
6. PT Aiken Tekno Indonesia – Backup, Disater Recovery and High Availability Solution Specialist
7. PT Lintas Artha – Data Communication Provider
8. PT Wise Pacific Venture – International Bandwidth Optimization
9. PT Deltasindo Raya Sejahtera– UPS Powerware
10. PT AMP Net Indonesia – UTP Cable Products and Accesories
11. PT Pandawa Mitra Solusi – Fiber Optic Cable Products
12. PT ICT – Sun Micro System Products
13. PT Aprisma – Internet Banking Software Developer
14. PT Prima Vista – Verifone EDC Distributor
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